Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Top Tips To Get A Business Idea

i have an idea that..... just .... might.... work!In my post Finding inspiration....... I have spoken about ways in which you can develop a business idea to become an entrepreneur. As creating a business idea is such an important first step for the aspiring entrepreneur I feel it necessary to discuss this again and give you some more hints and steps on developing an idea so you can begin your journey as an entrepreneur.

  • Find a niche - knowing what your niche is going to be can be your first step towards having a direction for your business idea. There are lots of niches that people are interested in. Think about the things that you are interested in. For example sports, health, horses, dogs, business, gadgets, or technology and so on. Try to narrow your niche as much as possible as this may also help you identify your target market. Write the areas down that you are interested in within your niche and list them in priority order (starting with the area you are most interested in).

  • Pick an area you are passionate about - you will probably agree that many of us are at our most creative in an area that we are passionate about, enjoy and participate in frequently. Remember that if you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur it will likely involve a lot of your time and a lot of your hard work. This makes it doubly important that you pick something you are passionate about. When you have done this make a list about all the different areas of your niche. What already exists within your niche and what opportunity, if any, would the things in your list provide you?

  • Don't force ideas - as you embark upon your journey as an entrepreneur you will find, like many others who try to create ideas that there will be times when you are struggling to generate anything. I would say that this is fairly normal. What is important is how you respond to this situation. Don't become disheartened or frustrated this probably won't help your creativity. Try taking a short break -sometimes ideas can pop into your mind when you least expect it.

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  • Pick your environment wisely - when creating ideas we all have environments that we are most efficent in. Find out what yours is and work in it during the times you have delegated for creating business ideas. For example if you can't think when the TV is on or after you have been at work all day then this may not be a good time to try and develop new business ideas. Some people can think best when they take their dog for a quiet walk. If this suits you then give it a try but you may need something to jot your ideas on to. Remember some of us are at our most creative when we are relaxed. Have a think about whether being relaxed helps your creativity. It may be a good idea to consider your environment carefully before trying to create ideas or you may find yourself trying to force ideas.

  • Read - if all else fails why not read some more about your niche area. Sometimes we create new ideas by reading about other peoples ideas. Or by reading about your niche area you may stumble across a topic you want to explore as a viable business idea. 

Top Tips to Create a Business Idea - For the Aspiring Entrepreneur is one of my Squidoo Lenses. This lens offers some more practical tips on creating ideas and also highlights other resources which may help you to create that business idea you are looking for. 

Another article which I think you may find interesting is called Starting a Business: The Idea Phase and is on "The Start Up Donut" website. To finish with I wanted to point you towards one last article. It's called "Creative entrepreneurship: should grads make a job or take a job?" and is written by Hannah Clements on
I hope this post gives you some further help in creating a business idea and beginning your journey as an aspiring entrepreneur.

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